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Pipette Graduated GlassPipette Graduated Glass Out Of Stock

Pipette Graduated Glass

Pipette Glass Graduated

Sizes available : 1ml , 2ml , 5ml , 10ml ,20ml , 25ml , 50ml

  • Graduated
  • For delivery to jet
  • Zero mark at top
  • Subdivided
Pipette Rubber Bulb Pipette Filler

Pipette Rubber Bulb Pipette Filler

R85.00 R60.00

Pipette Rubber Bulb  also called Pipette Filler

A moulded rubber bulb, with three valves which can be controlled by finger pressure.

There are no metal parts to corrode and the filler can be used with all chemicals except those that attack rubber. Can be used on bulb or cylindrical pipettes of different capacity.

Handles pipettes 1ml to 50ml.