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AED Trainer

AED Trainer

  • The CU-ERT is a defibrillator simulator designed to mimic the operations of the Paramedic CU-ER1. It can simulate all the functions of the Paramedic CU-ER1 including charging and shock delivery
  • It is not intended for use during actual rescue operations as it can not deliver a defibrillating shock.
  • It has Preprogrammed rescue scenarios.
  • It has a standard infrared remote control accessory which renders it operable by an instructor from a distance.
  • Paediatric disposable pads (optional accessory)
Alcohol Swabs (200’s)

Alcohol Swabs (200’s)

R53.90 R42.90
Specification: 25 x 25mm, 1.77g each, 202.92g/bpx
53 x 24 x 28.5cm, 11kg
Hydroentangling Psunlacing, non-woven
Saturated with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol
Individually packed and High-Care branded
LOT nr and Expiry date
Packaged: 200/box
50 boxes/Ctn
Quality apporval: ISO 13485:2003
ISO 9001:2000
CE Approved
Alcohol Test Disposable Pack 50

Alcohol Test Disposable Pack 50

R1,419.00 R1,310.10

Alcohol Test Disposable for Single use


• Wait 20 minutes after all absorption of alcohol.
• Use the test enters 15 °C and 40°C.
• In under of 15 °C to reheat the test a few second in the hand.
Strike to Activate



Cease blowing


Test ready for interpretation
1) Description
The tester is constituted of glass tubing containing a reagent.
Tube weight is 5 g.
The reagent has for function to indicate the alcohol concentration in the air exhaled.
The reagent alters from yellow to green in colour proportionate to the density of alcohol.
A volume measurement of exhaled breath is calculated by a red thermochrome indicator.
The indicator becomes red after 2 minutes following the test.
This red colour signals the readiness to interpret the test result.
The reagent is maintained firmly between two stainless steel gates.
The tube of glass is sealed at each extremity by an aluminium core.
Striker tips are placed at each end of the tube to prevent damage due to shock.
An adhesive label is surrounding the glass tube for an increased resistance to shock.

Composition of product
1 – Special glass tube
2 – Adhesive label.
3 – Stainless steel treated gridle.
4 – Striker tips at each end of the tube.
5 – Reactive solution.
The solution is safe due to the minimal composition of active chemical ingredients.
Rinse with clear water in the event of accidental contact with skin.

Alcohol Tester  AT6880

Alcohol Tester AT6880


Alcohol Tester AT6880

Product Package Included:
1 x Alcohol Breath Tester
1 x User manual
Design patented
1 Sensor: Semiconductor alcohol sensor
2 Warm-up time: Within 10 seconds
3 Respond time: Within 5 seconds
4 Operating temperature range: 5 ~ 40 °C
5 Detection range: 0.000% – 0.199% BAC
0.000‰-1.990‰ BAC
0.000 – 0.995 mg/l
6 Digital display results (% BAC, ‰ BAC, mg/l)
7 Quick response and resume
8 Auto power-off
9 Orange-colored backlight
10 Low voltage indicator
11 Power input: 3V (2 x AAA alkaline battery, not included)
12 Unit size: 116 x 45 x 15 mm Print size: 25 x 13 mm


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Alcohol Tester Accessories


Alcohol Tester Accessories :

•Alcohol Tester Sensor AL6M for AL6000 Printer
•Alcohol Tester Mouthpieces Disposable Pack 30
•Alcohol Tester Sensor for AT6000 Lite
•Alcohol Tester Mouthpieces for AL6000 Pack 20

Alcohol Tester AT6000

Alcohol Tester AT6000

R499.00 R450.00

Alcohol Tester AT6000

Advanced flat-surfaced alcohol sensor.
Quick response.
Smart MCU control.
Broad range.
Auto warning beyond pre-set limit.
Works EVERY time.
Digital Output.
Large LCD screen.
Power saving design.
Low battery alert.
Instructions included.
Five mouthpieces included. (Mouthpiece not necessary–simply blow into groves for 3-5 seconds)
Compact and lightweight design–fits into purse or pocket easily.
Easy to use.

Directions detailed on screen: Wait, Blow, Test, Read
Range: 0.00-0.20BAC%; 0.00-2.00g/L, 0.00-2.00BAC‰; 0.00 to 1.00mg/L; 0.00-200mg/100mL
Alarm level: 0.05BAC%; 0.50g/L; 0.50BAC‰; 0.25mg/L; 50mg/100mL
Accuracy: ±10% F.S
Power by: 3x AAA batteries. (Batteries are not included.)
LCD Size: 1.7″
Color: Black
Product size: 103 x 75 x 28 mm
Product weight: 60g
Package size: 158 x 105 x 50 mm
Package weight: 133g

Package including:
1 x Alcohol Tester
5 x Mouthpieces
1 x User Manual


Alcohol Tester Hand Held CHEETAH 1

Alcohol Tester Hand Held CHEETAH 1


Alcohol Tester Hand Held CHEETAH 1

Measuring range 15~35 35~65 >80
Clearing time <10s
Analyzing time <5s
20 40 150
Test concentration(mg/100ml)
Blowing distance 4‐5cm
Weight Approx. 231g
Dimensions L(324)mmX Outer Diameter(45)mm
When the concentration exceed the set point value,
device will give Vibration Alarm
Vibration Alarm
Flashing Light 2 lights of 3W
Continuous Working Time More than 8 hours
Battery 1 rechargeable battery, 3.7V/3000mAh
Screen OLED Digital Screen
Working Temperature 20~98%r.h.
Working Pressure 600~1400hPa
Measuring Time Adjustable( Minimum time: 1 second)
Temperature Range‐storage -30℃~70℃
‐5℃~ 45℃
Temperature Range operation
Motor continuous air extraction, speed no less than 0.8L
Way of Breath Sample
Test Mode For quick testing, automatic sampling
Measurement Range 0~80mg/100ml BAC
Principle of measurement Electrochemical Sensor, alcohol‐specific