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Sleep apnea screen meter Wrist RSO1

Sleep apnea screen meter Wrist RSO1

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Sleep apnea screen meter Wrist RSO1

The device is applicable for the persons who have obstructive sleep apnea-hypopnea syndromelOSAHSl,chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases(COPD), asthma, vascular disease, also the persons over 60 years old.And it can be used in hospital and home.

* Main Features
• Wrist-design, small in volume and light in weight
• Integrate multi-function in one device, convenient to know more physi¬ological information
• Display of Sp02,PR,pulse sound,bar graph
• Display of pulse and nasal airflow waveform
• Alarm for low-power, finger-out and over-limit
• Adjustable screen brightness
• Real-time clock
• Auto-power on/off
• Multi-case record
• Record data in continuous 20 hours
• Upload data by USB to PC
• PC analysis software
• Accessories
• A power adaptor
• An USB data line
• Two kinds of Sp02 probes
• nasal oxygen tube
• A CD (PC software)
• An user manual

* Main Parameters
• Nasal airflow measure range:Orpm 40rpm,Accuracy: ± 2rpm
• Sp02 measuring range: 0% – 100% (the resolution is 1%),Accuracy: 70%-100% : ± 2% ,below 70% unspecified
• Pulse Rate measuring range: 30bpm 250bpm,Accuracy: ± 2 bpm or ± 2%Iselect the larger)
• Resistance to surrounding light: The deviation between the value measured in the condition of man-made light and indoor natural light and that of darkroom is less than ±1%
• Measurement Performance in Weak Filling Condition: Sp02 and pulse rate can be shown orrectly when pulse-filling ratio is 0.4%. Sp02 error is ± 4%, pulse rate error is ± 2 bpm or ± 2% (select larger)
• Display:1.8″ color OLED
• Power consumption: 70mA
• Power supply:3.7V rechargeable Lithium Battery
• Battery working hour:lt can continuously work for more than 20 hours under full-pow-
er state
*Safety Type: Internally powered equipment,Type BF applied part
* Physical Identity
Dimension: 69mm(L) x 50mm(W) x 17.3mm(H)
Weight: 100g ( included lithium battery )