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Simulator MS100 SPO2

Simulator MS100 SPO2

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Simulator MS100 SPO2

MS100 SpO2 Simulator is a kind of Separated SpO2 simulator, small and light. It can perform a series of tests for the oximeter by simulation means, and gives cognizance of veracity about the oximeter.
Because the oximeter manufacturer may use different R-curves, some R-curves used abroad currently have been embedded.

Simulator MS200 NIBP

Simulator MS200 NIBP

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Simulator MS200 NIBP


MS200 NIBP Simulator is a multi-purpose test instrument for use with oscillometric Non-Invasive Blood Pressure(NIBP) Monitors. The appearance is concision ,operation is simple and convenient,with its internal pump, the Simulator can generate pressures up to 400 mmHg (53.3 kPa).The Simulator provides dynamic blood pressure simulations, static pressure calibration, automated leak testing, and pressure relief valve testing.You can quickly and exact analyse different NIBP Monitors.

Main Features

■Provides pressure gauge testing,pressure leak testing,relief valve testing functions .

■Build-in pump provides pressure source with leak and pressure relief tests

■NIBP simulations for both arm and wrist cuffs.

■Provides adult,neonate, eight variations patients conditions,user-defined simulations.

■Provides arrhythmias,respiratory artifact simulations.

■Built-in air chamber to simulate adult and neonate cuff.

■65k colors,4.3″ LCD display.

Simulator MS400 Patient Multiparameter

Simulator MS400 Patient Multiparameter


Simulator MS400 Patient Multiparameter

MS400 Multi-Parameter Patient Simulator – ECG, Arrhythmia, IBP, Respiration, Temprature

MS400 Multiparameter Simulator is a portable device, which can provide comprehensive physiological waveform to content general test and train requirement. It can check the monitor rapidly near the bed, also can test the quality warranty of ECG equipment, monitor and remote therapy equipment, At the same time, it can be used as the training of distinguishing from arrhythmia waveforms to the nurses.

■3.5-inch color TFT touch-screen, 320*240 pixels, and friendly operation interface.
■Display the output waveforms synchronously, which is convenient for user to
compare with the test equipment.
■It integrates the functions of SD socket interface; user can output the
custom waveform by this device.
■Built-in templates list to provide the waveform that is expressed by each
preset sequence   number, which is convenient for searching.
■Two operation interfaces: Chinese and English.
■Operate with keystroke and touch-screen expediently and rapidly.
■Built-in 3.7V/4000mAh (Rechargeable alkaline battery).
■Optical external power: AC 220V, 50Hz or AC 120V, 60Hz