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Blood and Fluid Infusion Warmer LED Display 220V Battery

Blood and Fluid Infusion Warmer LED Display 220V Battery


Fluid Infusion Warmer BFW-1000  

Medical fluid infusion warmer “BFW-1000” is a kind of warming device to warm the liquid to be infused into human body by warming the infusion pipe, with high efficiency and easy use.
Dry groove warmer structure: Adopt conventional infusion pipe to warm the infusion pipe directly, no need special consumables. 


Temperature controlling technology:
It adopts intellectual microcomputer controlling technology, which inspects all of the sensors continuously to warm automatically and control the temperature accurately in the predetermined temperature, with various alarm function and ensuring the highest safety. 

Infrared sensor technology:

Remind doctor to change liquid medicine or withdrawal of needles when infusion pipe is nearly empty. Built-in rechargeable battery to keep infrared detector work for more than six hours even the external power supply is off suddenly or accidentally.

Triple protection;

Dual electronic protection:
Under the control of microcomputer, it inspects the temperature of warmed fluid and warming board through different sensors. It will power off when out of range.

PTC (Physical temperature controller) protection:
If the microcomputer system works abnormally or result in the tube temperature out of range, PTC will cut off the electric power to protect the patient.

Blood Warmer BFW-1020C Blue Tooth Wireless 15L/Hr.

Blood Warmer BFW-1020C Blue Tooth Wireless 15L/Hr.

R65,318.00 R57,748.90


Temperature intellectual controlling technology:

Warm the device quickly, warm the fluid automatically and control the temperature accurately in the predetermined temperature, safe and stable;

Color LCD Display:

Real-time liquid temperature,set temperature,room temperature,dropping speed (10-300 drips/min),warming time,alarm indication,electricity on or off indication,liquid exist or not indication, wireless access indication;

Security feature: Low temperature alarm & high temperature alarm;

Infrared sensor technology: Audible & Visual alarm for finishing infusion;

Warming structure: dry-groove type, binocular tube warming, faster & better efficiency. Use normal infusion tube, no need special consumables.

WIFI for option, can connect with central monitor system.


Power supply: AC 220V±10%  50Hz±1Hz

110V±10%  60Hz±1Hz

Power: ≤ 300W

Temperature range: 28℃-41℃ (Increasing by 0.1℃) ± 0.5℃

82℉-105.8℉ (Increasing by 0.2℉)±1℉

Outer dimension: 190mm x 260mm x 150mm

Weight: 3kg

Waterproof and dustproof class: lp64

Blood Warmer BFW-1050A

Blood Warmer BFW-1050A

R53,619.50 R51,150.00

BFW-1050A            300W/Max                        10L

BFW-1050B            500W/Max                        30L

BFW-1050C            700W/Max                        50L


32-bit high speed microprocessor materializes the high precision temp control of the 0.1 accuracy in the whole operation range.

Simultaneously displays data logging, recording time and temperature ( including set value and present value ) on the same screen;

Monitor 16 incubator connected into 1 computer with Labtech Hub software, with unlimited Data Logging Graphic monitoring for step programmed process of real-time and temperature.

Silent heat extraction motor make the inside of machine temperature uniformity, built-in swing heating function can improve heating efficiency.

Inner tempered glass door provides the excellent airtight characteristic and observes the inner sample easily;

Touch color screen, Offer various operating mode, suitable for different environment;

User friendly control panel, easy to identify and operate.

Offer various operating mode, adapting different environment.

Can connect with PC for option by RS-232/USB

Equipment Trolley 3 TIER

Equipment Trolley 3 TIER

R5,828.90 R5,434.00

Equipment Trolley 3 TIER

Trolley Excluding Machine and Accessories

Item TR003
Description Trolley 3 shelves
Trolley size (A x B x C) 80 x 53 x 51cm
Weight 17kg
Shelves size (B x C) 47 x 40cm
Colour RAL7035 (gray/white)
Material Rising are made with aluminium shape and shelves are made with coat of paint sheet
Wheel Type Pirouette (Anterior wheel with block-system)
Wheel Diameter 8cm
Wheel carried Dynamic 70kg – Static 140kg
Applicable accessories Up to 2 Pantograph Arm
Packing size (A x B x C) 0,13 x 0,47 x 0.67m – 18.5kg
Shipping Note Trolley is supplied unassembled with assemblage instructions