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Aseptor Bags Out Of Stock

Aseptor Bags

Aseptor Bags

Used to enclose items to be sterilized.

Manufactured from medical grade paper complying with SANS 50868 Parts 1 & 3

Has a distinctive process indicator which changes colour when exposed to steam sterilization

Complies with CKS 595

Various sizes :

No.1   89mm x 51mm x 102mm Pack 1000

No.2   89mm x 229mm  Pack 1000

No.3 114mm x 36mm x 190mm Pack 1000

No.4  127mm x 48mm x 260mm Pack 1000

No.5 127mm x 85mm x 229mm Pack 1000

No.6 192mm x 62mm x 318mm Pack 1000

No.7  178mm x 74mm x 380mm Pack 1000

No.8 64mm x 34mm x 483mm Pack 1000

No.9 120mm x 135mm Pack 1000

No.11 292mm x 127mm x 444mm Pack 500

No.12 330mm x 152mm x 559mm Pack 500

No.13 257mm x 108mm x 381mm Pack 1000

No.25 64mm x 36mm x 152mm Pack 1000

No.1020 64mm x 36mm x 203mm Pack 1000

No.3050 64mm x 36mm x 254mm Pack 1000

Bags SterileBags Sterile Out Of Stock

Bags Sterile

Sterile Bags
In plain or labelled types
Sizes :
Sterile Bag, plain (58mL) (120x58W) (box of 500)
Sterile Bag, plain (118mL) (180x75W ) (box of 500)
Sterile Bag, plain (532mL) (230x115W) (box of 500)
Sterile Bag, plain (798mL) (305x125W) (box of 500)
Sterile Bag, labelled (118mL) (185x75W) (box of 500)
Sterile Bag, labelled (532mL) (320x115mm) (box of 500)
Sterile Bag, plain, Sod Thio (100mL) (pack of 100)
Sterile Bag, plain, Sod Thio Tab (300mL)
Sterile Bag , wide mouth (710mL)

Beaker Glass Graduated Out Of Stock

Beaker Glass Graduated

Beaker Glass

Low Form


Sizes available : 10ml , 25ml , 50ml , 100ml , 150ml , 250ml , 400ml , 600ml , 1000ml , 2000ml

Beaker Graduated Plastic Out Of Stock

Beaker Graduated Plastic

Plastic Polypropylene
Sizes : 25ml , 50ml , 100ml , 250ml , 500ml , 1000ml , 2000ml , 3000ml , 5000ml

Bottle Media Bottle Glass

Bottle Media Bottle Glass

R899.00R13,999.00 R799.00R13,555.00

Media Bottle Glass
Sizes available : 100ml , 250ml , 500ml , 1000ml , 2000ml all Pack 10 and 5000ml Pack 6

Deionised Water / Water Deionised Out Of Stock

Deionised Water / Water Deionised

Deionised Water / Water Deionised

Sizes 1L , 2,5L , 5L and 25L

Deionization (“DI Water” or “Demineralization”) simply means the removal of ions.

Ions are electrically charged atoms or molecules found in water that have either a net negative or positive charge. For many applications that use water as a rinse or ingredient, these ions are considered impurities and must be removed from the water

Distilled Water / Water DistilledDistilled Water / Water Distilled Out Of Stock

Distilled Water / Water Distilled

Distilled Water / Water Distilled

Sizes :1 Litre , 2,5 Litre , 5 Litre , 25 Litre

Distilled water – A type of purified water, distilled water goes through a process called distillation. This includes boiling the water, capturing the steam (pure H2O) and condensing it back into water. Distilled water contains no bacteria and a very little amount of contaminants; with a PPM of about 1, it can be classified as purified water.

Erlenmeyer Flask Glass Out Of Stock

Erlenmeyer Flask Glass

Erlenmeyer Flask
Wide Neck
Sizes available : 25ml , 50ml , 100ml , 250ml , 500ml , 1000ml , 2000ml